Halal Market: III Online Participatory Forum: 'Adaptation of tourism companies to Halal and Muslim-Friendly certification'

The Tres Culturas Foundation, continues with the development of the Halal Market project, organizes the III Online Participatory Forum 'Adaptation of tourism companies to the Halal and Muslim-Friendly certification', coordinated by the Halal School of Córdoba and which will be held virtually on 8 April 2021 at 12.00 pm (Spanish time)

The Halal and Muslim-Friendly tourism market is experiencing strong growth globally. Muslim tourists are more and more and travel more. Spain and Portugal, with the largest Islamic monumental and cultural heritage in Europe, have great possibilities of positioning themselves as a favorite destination for this public.

But how do you adapt to new customers? Adapting to Muslim clients can seem challenging as business, cultural and technical keys must be combined. In this Participatory Forum we invite you to know the bases of this transformation to welcome one of the most attractive niches in current tourism.

The event will also be broadcast live through the Fundación Tres Culturas Facebook channel. To access it is necessary to register through THIS LINK.


This activity is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund ERDF through the Interreg VA Spain-Portugal Program (POCTEP) 2014-2020


12.00 pm - Welcome by the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation

12.05 pm - Presentation of the forum, by Antonio Jesús Reina (Head of the Department of Creation and Development of Tourism Product in Tourism in Andalusia)

12.15 pm Presentation: 'Models of adaptation of tourism companies to Halal certification and Muslim-Friendly. Hospitality, Catering, Services'. Dra. Bárbara Ruiz-Bejarano (Director of the Halal School)

-Impact of adaptation on personnel, facilities, products and communication / marketing.

-Adaptation of a hotel company, key elements: customer service (hospitality concept), mixed environment (halal and haram elements), food (halal exclusively), prayer in congregation on Fridays, offer of activities (relevant to the culture and style of Islamic life). Plus: Islamic calendar, significant dates. Halal catering (in synergy with other companies in the sector). Events (Congresses, spiritual retreats). Focus on RRSS.

-Adaptation of a catering company, key elements: customer service (hospitality concept), mixed environment (halal and haram elements), food (halal exclusively). Adaptation of typical menus. Plus: Islamic calendar, significant dates, celebration menus. Focus on RRSS.

-Adaptation of a service company: personalized tours and services: halal picnic, clothing, selection of destinations where there are no haram elements. Focus on RRSS.

-Adaptation of a small business (crafts, commerce): non-haram product, modest aesthetics, inspired by Al Andalus, value of the local economy. Assess online sales to retain customers.

13.00 pm Examples of practical case:

Muslim tourist and blogger experience, visitor from Portugal: Annum Munir

13.15:XNUMX pm Participatory Forum.

Annum munir is a Muslim businesswoman by day and blogger by night, born in Pakistan and currently residing in Boston. She currently works for Google, but spends most of her free time exploring the world and writing about her experience on her interesting art and adventure blog. As a seasoned storyteller, Annum's writing is boldly authentic, detailed, and filled with photos and tips to inspire other Muslims to travel more consciously and discover the beauty of their Creator in new places. Over the years, Annum has visited more than 40 cities and 20 countries, and has partnered with major Muslim brands such as Muslim Girl, Muzmatch, and Modern Eid. You can follow your journey at annum-munir.com.

The coordination of this forum is in charge of the Halal School, a training center specialized in the halal concept. Created in 2014, and based in Córdoba (Spain), it offers online and mixed training at an international level, both to professionals and organizations that have implemented or wish to implement a halal certification system.

It currently offers open training and consulting in the areas of food, cosmetics, pharmacy, services, business management, tourism, transport and logistics. Dr. Barbara Ruiz Bejarano is a Doctor in Arabic and Islamic Studies and Director of the Halal School. His career includes the development of training and consulting projects, assistance in the development of projects on Islamic Economy. Participate in numerous international events related to Islamic Markets. He regularly collaborates with universities and organizations around the world.

People or institutions interested in participating in this Participatory Forum must register in advance. Once registered they will receive a notification with the link to Zoom and the access code.

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