Halal Market

El overall objective of the project is to generate competitive advantages for the products and services of the companies in the cooperation space, by adapting them to the criteria defined as Muslim friendly, favoring the increase of exports.

International shipments may take up to specific objectives are the following:

  • Adaptation of the offer in the strategic sectors of tourism, commerce, crafts, services and hospitality to the market halal.
  • Promote the adaptation of products and services with export potential and create new jobs.
  • Strengthening of business cooperation mechanisms and public entities aimed at SMEs and micro-SMEs as a means of sustainable economic promotion.


The project began on January 1, 2020 and will end on April 05, 2022.

El partnership It is made up:

Main Beneficiary: Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo.

Beneficiary partners: Intermunicipal Community of Baixo Alentejo (CIMBAL), Central Supply Markets of Córdoba, Mercacórdoba SA (MERCACÓRDOBA) y Associação Empresarial do Baixo Alentejo e Litoral (NERBE / AEBAL).

Corporate identity

Corporate identity manual

Logos and corporate material

The main activities of the project are the following:

Support service to promote competitiveness in companies

Action 1.1: Development of a joint strategic plan for the adaptability of SMEs to the halal market.

Action 1.2: Analysis of trends in the halal market as a new product, joint cooperation and internationalization actions and adaptation to the criteria of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

Action 1.3: Support for the creation of incentive systems for the adaptation of products to the halal market and development of new services for SMEs / micro-enterprises with an export vocation.

Joint business promotion and marketing actions on halal matters

Action 2.1. International halal business promotion and marketing plan.

Action 2.2. Design of pilot micro-tourist routes and a Hispano-Lusa “Halal Card” label.

Action 2.3. International business meetings and attendance at international fairs to promote internationalization.

Halal cross-border information system

Action 3.1. Design and creation of a virtual platform that promotes and the sale of online products and the development of halal business services.

Action 3.2. On-line / off-line promotion campaigns to promote joint marketing and business cooperation through the platform and the promotion of strategic alliances for the sustainability of the platform.

Action 3.3. Promotion and launch of an application for Muslim millennial tourists (TMMs) linked to the pilot halal itineraries.


Action 6.1. Internal communication at the project level, limited in scope to the partnership itself and which will be guaranteed through periodic online meetings of the members of the Management Committee, allowing the reciprocal and continuous exchange of information among the partners.

Action 6.2. External communication, with a broader scope and focused on the primary and secondary key agents detected in the project's Communication Plan, aimed at involving and involving them in the project, spreading the added value and benefits achieved by the project.

Action 6.3. Capitalization and transfer of good practices to other contexts / environments, capitalizing and maximizing the scope of the project and its ability to influence to reach key agents in the regions involved or others, and its potential to improve national, regional and public policies. local.

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